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Please when you register to the Gyrotek forums, also send an email (obiw4n.gyrotek@gmail.com) with your forum screen name in it so that I can speed u... (read next)
I would like to know if someone is interested in a Live comp coming in the next 2 weeks?
(if anyone is still reading this forum...)

Welcome on Gyrotek, the website of Powerball!

You don't know what a powerball is? then read  What is it? or watch a video which will give you an excellent view of it!

If you are an expert and already have some highscores, you should take a view at the scoreboards.

Don't hesitate to post your highscores on our discussion forum  to enter the different scoreboards.

You can also read our  interviews from some of the best players, you can learn a lot of tricks in it.

Ask them questions  on the discussion forum and they'll help you for sure!

I hope you'll enjoy coming here, please take some time to answer the questions asked in the surveys, thank you a lot!

A new part appears in the menu the chat.

In this part you can discuss about every thing you want whit other Gyrotek's members, and get some tips!



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Live competition maybe?

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